Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell that my car has been AGlazed?

Initially, the paintwork should feel silky smooth to the touch and repel sprayed on water. Water should bead on the surface.

Can I polish my AGlazed car?

Yes, although not necessary, the paintwork will only be enhanced further by a coat of wax or polish. Only use finishing waxes, speed detailers or fine polishes, never use cutting compounds or restorers. AGlaze Australia Reflections and Active 3 have been specially formulated for this purpose.

How can I remove swirl marks from a dark paint finish?

Always use a clean AGlaze Australia Flunky or synthetic leather to dry your vehicle. Real leathers are not ideal for use on today’s softer paint finishes and can potentially cause swirl marks. AGlaze Paint Restorer and AGlaze Australia Reflections will certainly improve the appearance of swirl marks and remove them completely if they are not too heavy.

I have water spots on my car after it rains, how can I remove them?

Water spots are caused by dirt carried in the rain. As the rain water evaporates it leaves behind the dirt it was carrying, usually in the form of ring marks. These can normally be removed by simply washing and drying the vehicle. After washing any remaining marks can be removed with our Active 3 speed detailer.

I am getting water marks left behind when I wash my car?

Watermarks after car washing can easily be prevented by following a few simple rules: 1. Never wash your vehicle when the paintwork is hot or in direct sunlight in the summer time. 2. Never allow the water or car shampoo to dry onto the paintwork. 3. Always dry the vehicle after it has been thoroughly rinsed, using a synthetic flunky or microfibre drying towel. Also spraying a little bit of AGlaze Australia Easy Finish over the car before you dry it, will aid drying and almost completely eliminate water marking.

I have removed a bird dropping & there is still a mark on the paintwork?

Due to advances in technology and modern paint finishes, we have found that some marks after removal, leave a slight impression on the surface of the Glaze. It is best to leave the mark for 10-14 days, as over time the paint surface warms up and this tends to pull the mark out of the surface. AGlaze USA Paint Restorer and AGlaze USA Reflections lightly buffed into the surface will aid this process.

Important Note: Bird droppings left on the surface can damage paint work. Quick removal is essential to ensure against marking. Get into the habit of checking your car daily. AGlaze USA will help protect against bird lime damage, by giving you an increased timescale of 72 hours to act.